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Steven R. Rakitin
I founded Software Quality Consulting in 1997. I have over 45 years experience as a Software Engineer and Software Quality Manager and over 30 years of experience in the Medical Device, Biotech and Pharma industries. I have been a medical device consultant for over 20 years, working with over 100 medical device manufacturers and biotech companies worldwide, from startups to Fortune 100 corporations.

Mission Statement:

To help clients design and develop software that is safe and in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements and international standards in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible.

Consulting Approach:

By working closely with my clients, I become familiar with their products, their software development process, and their company culture. I often use a mix of consulting, training, and facilitating skills to leverage what works and improve what doesn't. This approach ensures measurable improvements in product quality, reliability, and predictability.

My effectiveness as a consultant is directly related to my ability to initiate change in an organization. As a result, I work hard to build positive relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

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